Bury System 9 ActiveCradle for iPhone 8 - Charging function for unlimited talk time in the vehicle - Full vehicle integration with your THB Bury base unit - Antenna connection for connecting an external GSM antenna, which enables a superior broadcast and reception performance - Quick and easy snap-in mounting - Convenient and secure placement of your phone - Broad range of mounting options - Same Cradle as the Bury iPhone 6 Cradle The System 9 is "the" extension for Bluetooth® hands-free car kits, which do not independently support the use of an external antenna or the charging function of the mobile phone battery. The components of the System 9 are designed for Bluetooth® hands-free car kits of all manufacturers. The Bury System 9 car kit is designed to securely hold and charge your iPhone 7 in the car. If you already have a Bluetooth system in your car, this is the perfect enhancement to safe motoring. A fully integrated Bury System 9 solution comes in two parts: a specific cradle to hold your smartphone, and the Bury System 9 Base Plate which contains the antenna connector and 12V power cables. Read More System 9 Datasheet. bury logo