Telco Wildcat Cat6 Outdoor Level-1 F/UTP Shielded Ethernet Cable Spool


  • 100m Cable on Wooden Spool

  • Industrial grade WISP cable

  • Tough, thick black UV-stable outer jacket

  • 1000BASE-T Certified Category 6

  • Level-1 F/UTP foil shielded twisted pair

  • Anti-Crosstalk Divider

  • ESD drain for outdoor installations

  • Reduced EMI crosstalk and higher SNR





Introducing WildCat Shielded Cables




Protect your network from electronic static discharge, reduce system noise, and improve long distance performance with Telco WildCat Category 6 F/UTP Ethernet cables. The Wildcat series have been developed specifically for outdoor microwave and point to point/multipoint networking in mind. Heavily shielded from EMI/ESD and sporting a thick outdoor jacket (7.4mm OD), the cable series is designed for installation in exposed and harsh environments, as well as electrically-noisy indoor environments.


cat6 outdoor shielded ethernet cable break down layers




Wildcat Outdoor Cat6 cables are fully ACMA S008:2010 compliant allowing them to be legally installed under your Open Cabling licence. This cable is the only compliant shielded Cat6 outdoor-rated cable available in Australia.


















































Electrical Specifications   Mechanical/Environmental Specifications  
Resistance: 100Ω Conductor Material: Bare Copper 23AWG (0.55mm ± 0.01mm)
Capacitance: <330pF/m Insulating Material: HPDE (0.20mm)
Velocity of Propagation: 69% Cross Driver: Yes
Nominal Delay: 0.45ns/m Drain Wire: 0.50mm Bare Copper
Voltage Withstand: 300Volts DC Outer Shield Material: Aluminium Foil (0.08mm)
    Outer Jacket Material: Black UV PVC CMR (0.7mm ± 0.10mm)
    Outer Diameter: 7.4mm ± 0.20mm
    Operating Temperature: -20 +60°C
    Standards: ISO/IEC 11801 Ed.2, ANSI/TIA 568-C.2, AS/NZS 3080, AS/CA S008:2010


















































ACMA Austel compliant LAN ethernet cables




SKU C6-UV-100
Shipping Weight 9.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.350m
Shipping Height 0.140m
Shipping Length 0.350m