LCU195 is a 50Ω 5mm diameter low loss coaxial cable, designed for VHF, UHF, GPS, and cellular communications.

High grade 195 series cables, like LCU195, have a tough weatherproof UV resistant thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) jacket and a service life in excess of 20 years. APA tape and tinned copper braid provide LCU195 with RF shielding in excess of 90dB, and a 0.97mm stranded bare copper core provides a low capacitance and high conductance.

Introducing dB-FLEX

dB-FLEX is Telco's flagship subtype of LCU195 cabling, designed for maximum weather resistance and usability. LCU195 dB-FLEX sports a 7-strand bare copper centre conductor which permits repeated bending and much greater flexibility - similar to Times Microwave's LMR-195 UltraFlex. dB-FLEX has a UV-stable TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) jacket designed for harsh outdoor environments while maintaining maximum flexibility and minimising plastic memory (for improved wall-cavity feeding).

Electrical Specifications

Resistance: 50Ω
Capacitance: 83.3pF/m
Signal Loss: 0.42dB/m @ 850MHz, 0.63dB/m @ 1800MHz                     
Frequency Range: DC-6GHz
Velocity of Propagation: 76%
Nominal Delay: 4.17ns/m
Voltage Withstand: 1000Volts DC
Peak Power: 2.5kW

Mechanical Specifications

Weight/100m: 3.0kg
Operating Temperature: -40° ~ +85°C
Minimum Bend Radius: 12.7mm
Conductor Material: Seven Strand Solid Copper (0.94mm)
Insulating Material: Foam PE (2.79mm)
Outer Shield Material:
- (1) Bonded Aluminium Polyester Tape 100% Coverage (2.95mm)
- (2) Tinned Copper Wire 88% Coverage (3.53mm)
Outer Jacket Material: TPE Weather & UV Resistant (4.95mm ±0.15mm)