7m Free Standing Communication Pole

  • Low cost tower option
  • Adaptable to a range of applications
  • Designed to minimize oscillation/deflection for narrow beam antennas
Economical free standing tower solution when height is required however footprint or the aesthetics of guy wires are not acceptable. Although able to be used in many scenarios this tower is aimed at the residential market where once installed minimal changes to mounted equipment will be necessary. Although circular hollow section has great strength in compression it is not ideal for withstanding lateral loads, the tapered multi-sided profile of this mast provides great strength as the sides act in a similar manner to stiffener plates while keeping the overall weight of the unit low. Having a higher capacity to withstand lateral loads means antennas such as big dish antennas with large sail areas can safely be mounted without fear of wind damage. The pricing of this mast is for supply only and does not include foundation cage as this is subject to specific site conditions such as soil classification, slope etc. + geotechnical reports. Due to the complicated nature of tower infrastructure it can prove extremely valuable to have an engineer approved recommendation for a solution that will accommodate a particular project. Telco offers a Tower Recommendation Proposal Consultation Service, this provides the customer with a report that can be used for planning of communication assets.
Masts and Towers have a wait time of minimum 2-3 days


Shipping Weight 0.0450kg
Shipping Width 0.600m
Shipping Height 7.000m
Shipping Length 0.600m