Smoothtalker iPhone 8 Cradle Mfi - Dash Mount, Hard Wired Power & Antenna Connection FME/M - Mfi (made for iphone) - Dash Mounted - Hard Wired Power - FME Antenna Connector Due to the active antenna in the iPhone 8 it is highly recommended that the user turns on flight mode then off again while still in the cradle to enable the iPhone 8 to establish a connection to the external antenna.

iPhone 8 Cradle

When the best in mobile coverage is required choose a Smoothtalker iPhone 8 cradle. Craftsmanship and attention to detail have made these superior cradles amazing in coverage performance. Each iPhone 8 cradle's internal engineering has ensured maximum signal return for each handset. These cradles are specifically engineered so that the receiver in the cradle matches the antenna position on each handset. Smoothtalker iPhone 7 Antenna Connection FME - Hardwired This superbly engineered iPhone 8 cradle from SmoothTalker® features a robust full size phone holder with a swivel dash mount and a high performance induction antenna coupler. The swivel mounting bracket is adjustable in three planes. This holder has an external antenna connector with a FME male end. Power is via hard wiring straight into the vehicle.

Why use an external antenna cradle?

Next time you're out-and-about look around you - every day thousands of Australians use external antennas to enjoy uninterrupted voice calls, fast 3G internet, and eliminate blackspots. If you're in a rural, hilly, low signal area, or you can't get a good signal indoors or in the car there's no need to tear your hair out over important phone calls dropping out half way - an external antenna is often all you need. This high performance cradle is designed specifically for the phone, and it's quick installation makes for a fast way to improve mobile service.

What does a phone cradle do?

The Iphone cradle's job is to connect to an external antenna via the antenna's cable, and retransmit this signal the best it can to your mobile phone. As a cradle doesn't amplify or boost signal artificially, so how well it performs depends on the level of signal that it can receive from the antenna - so it's important to ensure you're using a good quality antenna. Best results are achieved when the Iphone is charging.