Tower Recommendation Proposal


  • Available for towers ranging from 5m to 120m in height

  • Free standing tower and guyed tower options assessed

  • Comprehensive recommendation to suit project specifications

  • Proposal on required equipment including costings and any specific installation requirements

  • Ideal for feasibility studies

  • Typical report turnaround 10 business days.


No surprises!


  • It is common for tower construction projects to surprise customers with high costs due to the need for a tower that will handle all site and loading conditions

  • As there are many forces at play regarding the construction of towers, it's important that all the manageable forces are evaluated when considering a tower design

  • Due to this complicated nature, it can prove invaluable to have an engineer approved recommendation for solutions that will accommodate your particular project.


What are the steps involved?


  • Once you have spoken to our sales fabrication workshop team, you will be asked to complete a Tower Design Input form where you can detail information such as, the tower's location, required height, antenna loading and required accessories.

  • Once submitted, the assigned technician will evaluate various tower designs for feasibility based on the calculated stresses that will be placed on the tower.

  • Our recommended proposal will detail our costings, lead times and considerations - you can use this information as a guide to form part of a tender application, high level plans, etc.


Our recommendation will be a tower that meets all requirements and is the most economically reasonable design.



Please note: All required local council or statutory authority approvals must be obtained and presented to us with the Tower Design Input form, if the approval/s will eliminate a particular tower design/s from consideration. 


A completed Tower Design Input form must be submitted to our Sales Team before a tower recommendation proposal can commence.



Brand Telco Antennas
Shipping Weight 0.0450kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.030m
Shipping Cubic 0.000075m3