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Telco Antennas provides wireless communication installation, design, and equipment procurement services to major industry, government, and commercial sectors. We strive to provide a consolidated interface for clients seeking to design, build, or improve their wireless system, irrespective of topology. While specialising in 3G & 4G cellular systems, satellite, and microwave, WiFi plays an important role in ensuring peak reliability.

Remote Site Communications

Having provided last mile mobile and broadband services for the biggest names in mining and construction, there's no location on earth we can't provide reliable voice & data communications for.

Desktop Site Surveys

With unparalleled depth of detail, our desktop surveys are considered an integral part of most industry feasibility studies, project tenders, and site proposals in determining voice & data communications availability. Both visual heat-map imagery and scientific reports are provided to ensure survey results can be quickly interpreted by both technical and non-technical staff.

Improve Staff Retention

Isolation from family and friends is one of the driving forces behind staff turnover, affecting productivity and consequently your site's bottom line. The provision of mobile phone and broadband access is fast becoming an expectation at remote accommodation camps, and is considered one of the most cost-effective staff retention measures a site can deploy.

WiFi trailer mine site WLAN Solutions

  • 3G & 4G Broadband Optimisation
  • Mobile Phone In-Building Coverage
  • Network Congestion Mitigation
  • Solar Repeater/Relay Stations
  • PtP & PtMP WLAN
  • Distributed WiFi
  • DSL/Satellite/3G Bonding & Failover
  • Tailored Mine Site Solutions


some of our mining clients

WLAN site design planning wifi survey multilevel Distributed WiFi

An effective WiFi deployment requires accurate planning. We provide a wide range of WLAN design and planning services to suit any budget based on the granularity of accuracy required. Our in-house drafting and network team can produce highly accurate 3D CAD building models, and conduct deterministic modelling to as fine a detail as the presence of a chair in a room, the impact of a staff member in a hallway, or an arriving train in a subway tunnel.
Naturally accuracy can be costly, however our team can produce very economic modelling for simple floorplans or mud-maps for those restricted by budget constraints.

Licensed & Unlicensed Microwave

Telco Antennas provides a multitude of PtP and PtMP microwave band links in both the class-licensed (2.4, 5.8, and 24GHz), and apparatus licensed bands (6-38GHz). Our team provide turnkey solutions - working through from design, licencing, to deployment, as well as conducting post-installation support and maintenance.