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Ubiquiti Networks - Long Range & Point-to-Point Wireless

The Ubiquiti AirMAX series are a one-step solution to sharing broadband Internet connectivity over Point-to-Point (PtP), Point-to-Multi-Point (PtMP) networks. With a range of different capabilities, most AirMAX hardware can be set to operate on 802.11b/g/n in AP or WDS mode to extend WiFi coverage in buildings and outdoors. Ubiquiti's line of networking hardware integrates the antenna, network hardware, and management software all in the one weatherproof enclosure for the quickest and most intuitive installation you'll ever complete.

Fully Customisable Solutions

With a range of different hardware, Ubiquiti caters from small distributed WiFi access point setups, through to fully scalable, high throughput multi-point wireless networking. If you need to extend WiFi coverage and range, share Internet between multiple buildings, connect two remote facilities, or something a little trickier, let us tailor a solution for you.

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Full Ubiquiti Range

We supply the entire range of Ubiquiti products, including: Ubiquiti NanoStation, Bullet, AirFiber, Rocket, PicoStation, LOCO, NanoBridge, UniFi Distributed WiFi, ToughSwitch, AirMAX Antennas, RJ-45 ToughCable, EdgeMax routers, PoE injectors and switches. All AirMAX equipment is available in your choice of M2 (2.4GHz) or M5 (5.8GHz), with selected 900MHz models also available.