TelcOS Melaleuca

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TelcOS™ Melaleuca

Take a look under the hood of Melaleuca, our modified version of OpenWrt®* that powers every Telco Electronics device.  You will not find a smelly old kernel or an outdated package on Melaleuca.  The advantages of running the latest stable Linux kernel and packages are numerous, but start with better performance, more features, and fixed security bugs.  That is why our devices are shipped with the KRACK wifi countermeasures and fixes for other kernel CVE's that can allow remote root access.  We specify our hardware using Device Tree, which allows us to only include kernel code relevant to our hardware, leading to a smaller kernel, allowing us to boot faster and perform better.  We are open source, meaning anyone can grab our source code and modify it to suit their exact requirements.  We endeavour to contribute our code upstream so that the improvements we make to Melaleuca can be utilised by the wider community and future generations.


Designed and developed by Telco Antennas in Brisbane, Australia. 

Made with trusted, industry standard technology, and it's open source

  • Powerful, yet easy and secure embedded OS designed and developed by Telco Antennas
  • Direct support for Australian mobile networks
  • Reliable Wifi with options including: guest networks, scheduling, client isolation
  • Secure firewall with support for port forwarding, traffic rules and more
  • Download backups, or clone a configuration to multiple T1's with a single file
  • Latest security patches applied
  • Incorporates KRACK Wifi vulnerability countermeasures
  • Mobile browser support
  • Dark theme + Light theme
  • DHCP server including address reservations
  • Wake on Lan (WoL) - wake up other computers attached to the T1 remotely
  • Ping reboot - reboot if a host is unavailable for too long
  • Remote logging - send logs to a logging server
  • Built with a rock-solid Linux® core based on the latest stable OpenWrt® *
  • Includes the latest in VPN technology: WireGuard®


Band Locking

  • Lock on to the best frequency bands in your area (available from TelcOS Melaleuca 1.0.10)
  • Tune the T1 to your antenna


Uncompromising features for IT Admins and Power Users

  • Full CLI access
  • BusyBox environment
  • Writable file system
  • Scripting support


Real insights with Realtime Graphs

  • Wireless throughput
  • Per-interface traffic
  • System load
  • Network connections
  • and more



No waiting around

  • Boots up and connects you to the Internet in around a minute, given suitable service is available



* Telco Antennas is not affiliated with OpenWrt. OpenWrt is a registered trademark owned by Software in the Public Interest, Inc.