TelcOS 1.3 Melaleuca - New Features

TelcOS 1.3 Melaleuca - New Features main image TelcOS 1.3 Melaleuca - New Features image

Red light, Green Light

  • Colour Coding - easily and intuitively understand the quality of your mobile signal and how to improve it.

SIMs just got simpler

  • SIM Information now includes whether a SIM has a pin lock as well as the number of remaining SIM PIN and PUK unlock retries.


Smarter error messages

  • More informative error messages and helpful suggestions to quickly resolve the issue, including hyperlinks to the area in the settings.


The Ads Stop Here

For Telco X1 Pro only

Block annoying and intrusive ads for your entire network at the T1 with the built in ad blocker.

  • Protect your network from viruses
  • Save on data costs - no more loading ads
  • Add your own custom lists and block or allow specific domains
    • Use adblocker as parental control