TelcOS Melaleuca 2.3.2 Release

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Installation Instructions

User Manual


Our most advanced firmware ever

With improvements across the board from reliability to user experience, TelcOS 2.3 is jam packed with exciting new features


What's new

  • Quick Links Section
    • Basic Status
      • See essential system information, including a signal strength estimate
    • Basic Administration
      • Perform essential system tasks such as rebooting, firmware upgrades and factory reset
    • Language
      • Select from the following system languages (Translations under development)
        • English (default)
        • Spanish
        • French
        • Japanese
        • Vietnamese
        • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
    • Quick Setup
      • Quick setup wizard to allow you to easily setup
        • Mobile APN
        • IP Address
        • WiFi network Names
        • WiFi password (to be used with both networks)
        • Enable/disable Telco Cloud Management System connectivity
  • Automatic APN Selection
    • Read the SIM and automatically select the APN based on the network oprerator code.  Private APN's are not supported, however.
  • Advanced Mobile Data Information
    • Now available when the modem is Basic Mode as well as Advanced Mode
  • Modem Settings
    • Change between Advanced and Basic (Recommended) modem modes
    • Band Locking now links to Modem Settings if modem is in Basic Mode, so you can enable advanced mode.
  • Support for Telco Cloud Management System - active by default to support professional applications
  • Updated kernel and modules
    • Now on Linux 5.4.124 kernel for improved system performance
  • New device description and notes fields
    • Add freeform short description and notes about the device on the System Properties page
    • Notes are displayed when logging in via SSH and on the System Properties page
  • Energy Profiles
    • Choose between High Performance and Basic/Power Saver energy profiles to optimise your X1 Pro for energy savings or speed - great when you are running the X1 Pro on a solar power system.
  • More responsive CPU scaling
  • Support for TR-069 management protocol
  • New APNs
    • Support for APNs used by mobile network operators in Papua New Guinea, Fiji and New Zealand
      • 2Degrees
      • Spark
      • Digicel
      • Bmobile
      • Telikom PNG
  • WPA3 WiFi Encryption support
    • the latest and most secure wireless encryption standard
  • Numerous performance optimisations and bug fixes