RFI XPOL MIMO 4G Panel Antenna


Key Features


  • Ultra wide-band coverage 700 to 2700MHz

  • Pole mount bracket suits 25-50mm poles

  • Your choice of cable length and connectors (SMA or N-type)

  • Two cables for true MIMO operation

  • Wide spectrum design, suits all current and planned cellular networks (including 700MHz LTE).


Additional Information


  • The brilliance of this antenna is its wideband design - operating on three separate bands 650-960MHz, 1710-2170MHz, and 2300-2700MHz

  • With a 260 x 260mm design, this compact panel antenna will stand up to the challenge of ever-changing network frequencies for years to come

  • This is one of the few antennas on the market capable of covering the recently auctioned 700 and 2600MHz spectrum, as well as the current 1800MHz 4G, all the while being backwards compatible on all 2G and 3G voice and data networks.




  • Not sure if you'll get 4G? With an equally high gain on all other 2G/3G networks, you can still improve your current connection

  • With Telstra, Optus and Vodafone's continual expansion of their 4G network, this is an antenna you can buy with the reassurance of future compatibility

  • Take full advantage of the blistering fast speed the Telstra 4G network offers

  • If you're outside the official 4G 'coverage zone' or your modem keeps switching back over to Next-G, this antenna will help you lock on, or increase the signal strength and speed of your 4G connection.

  • Ideal for suburban and metro areas

  • Lower gain antennas are ideal for areas where hills and buildings are very close to your location

  • Buildings create a multipath environment - transmissions that bounce off walls or trees at an acute angle cause signal echos

  • Having travelled a further distance than a straight line transmission these signals are delayed, and to a simple receiver would be nothing more than interference

  • However thanks to clever technology used in cellular communications, multipath signals can recovered by your modem's RAKE combiner

  • A RAKE receiver consists of a series of sub-radios which read the incoming signal at different delay periods (typically one chip in WCDMA) and then combined to result in a higher quality signal.



  • This antenna rests at ground potential, providing improved lightning protection and reduced precipitation static noise

  • Termination is via your choice of 'N' female coaxial connectors fitted to short cable tails, or SMA male connectors fitted to 10m LMR195 cables

  • If used as a 4G antenna we strongly suggest selecting the 500mm N Female option and using LCU400 extension cables due to the high attenuation losses on 4G.


Specifications / Frequency


Network Compatibility
Telstra 4GX (700MHz)
Optus 4G+ (700MHz)
Telstra Next-G™ (850MHz)
Vodafone 4G+(850MHz)* *Please check Vodafone Coverage Map
Optus Regional 3G (900MHz)* *Please check Optus Coverage Map.
Vodafone Regional 3G (900MHz)* *Please check Vodafone Coverage Map.
Telstra/Optus/Voda 4G (1800MHz)
All carriers - Urban/Metro 3G (2100MHz)
Optus 4G/Vivid Wireless (2300MHz)
LTE-TDD Bands 38, 40 (2300MHz)
802.11 b/g/n/ac WiFi (2400MHz)
LTE Bands 7, 38 (2500-2690MHz)


Electrical Specifications


  • Frequency Range: 650-960MHz / 1710-2170MHz / 2300-2700MHz

  • Input Impedance: 50Ω

  • VSWR: <2.5:1 / <1.6:1 / <1.6:1

  • Vertical Beamwidth: 70° / 100° / 80°

  • Horisontal Beamwidth: 60° / 165° / 55°

  • Front to Back Ratio: 11dB / 7dB / 12dB

  • Cross Pol Isolation: 15dB / 18dB / 20dB

  • Maximum Power: 4Watts


Mechanical/Environmental Specifications


  • Construction: Grey ABS

  • Cable: 500mm tails or 10m LMR195 cables

  • Connector: N-Type Female or SMA Male

  • Wind Rating: 120km/hr

  • Temperature: -40°C +70°C

  • Weight: 1.55kg

  • Dimensions: 260 x 260 x 95mm (L x W x D)

  • Flammability: UL94-V0
































  • You can choose between 10m cables that terminate with SMA Male connectors, or short 50cm leads with N Female connectors

  • If 10m of cable is enough you can use the appropriate patch lead (make sure it has a SMA Female connector) to connect to your modem

  • If using this antenna with a mobile phone you will probably need an SMA to FME adaptor to attach your phone's patch lead or cradle

  • If you need to use more cable, or are using it on 4G, you'll need to select the N Female connector option so you can attach a super low loss cable (which have N Male connectors).
















SMA male connector
















Option 1. 2x SMA Male Connectors
















n female connector
















Option 2. 2x N Female Connectors
















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Brand RFI
Shipping Weight 2.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.270m
Shipping Height 0.100m
Shipping Length 0.380m
Shipping Cubic 0.010260m3