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3000m Armoured GRP Loose Tube Cable - 96 Fibres, 9/125um Singlemode OS1/OS2

3000m-Armoured-GRP-Loose-Tube-Cable-96-Fibres- 9125um-Singlemode-OS1-OS2

3km of Armoured GRP Loose Tube Cable - 96 Fibres, 9/125um Singlemode OS1/OS2
- Underground in conduits or direct buried
- Infrastructure (roads, bridges, power authorities)
- Underground mines or mining camps
- Campus environments

Cable containing 96 optical fibres in water blocked loose tubes (maximum 12 fibres per tube) and solid polyethylene fillers laid-up around a glass reinforced plastic (GRP) central strength member, water blocked interstices, polyethylene overall sheathed and integrally bonded nylon jacketed. For use in communication networks and is suitable for either direct burial or in a conduit.

Bonded Polyethylene / Nylon sheath allows this cable to be manufactured with a reduced overall diameter which provides the same level of protection as a full Nylon sheath but with the following benefits:

  • Increased number of cables can be run inside a duct (reducing costs)
  • Cable flexibility is improved (facilitating hand-ability)
  • Glossy surface provides effective barrier against termites etc. and reduces friction when installing
  • Dry water blocking elements swell instantly blocking voids or breaches and will regenerate to continue protection

  • Singlemode optical fibre can be used over the entire spectral range from the second (1310nm wavelength) to the third window (1550nm wavelength) with increased information carrying capacity at reduced costs. The hydroxyl ions that cause the attenuation peak ('water peak') around 1385nm region have been reduced offering extra usable wavelength on a single fibre. This fibre is specifically designed for transmission of high bit rates.

    Cable Specifications

    Fibre Count: 96
    Fibre Type: 9/125um Singlemode OS1/OS2
    Jacket Colour: Blue
    Operating Temperature: -10°C to +70°C
    Diameter: 9.9mm
    Mass: 84kg/km
    Tensile Load: 2500n
    Crush Resistance: 2000n/10cm
    Minimum Bend Radius (Full Load): 200mm
    Minimum Bend Radius (No Load): 100mm

    Price: $34,850.00