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AC-DC Gigabit PoE Injector & Surge Protector - 240VAC to 56VDC - Ubiquiti AirFiber

ubiquiti airfiber 24GHz poe injector surge protector arrester
SKU: MIT-51G-56

AC-DC Passive Power over Ethernet Injector for Ubiquiti AirFiber

  • Drop-in industrial replacement for Ubiquiti PoE
  • 10/100/GigE
  • 100-240VAC systems
  • 56VDC 1.79A PoE output (all 8 pairs)
  • Short Circuit, Over Current and Reverse/Over Voltage Protection
  • High Temperature Operation
  • DIN Rail mountable
  • Supplied with 240VAC Australian power plug

This series of AC to DC converters are a low cost and high reliability solution for those requiring 56VDC Power over Ethernet voltage from a mains AC system. They have an integrated POE injector to apply 56VDC to Ethernet cable on all 8 pairs. AirFiber radios require 50VDC 1.2A however a 56VDC injector operates perfectly fine within the radios tolerances (42-58VDC). When using SFTP or FTP shielded Ethernet cables this unit provides inbuilt ESD and surge protection by detecting and arresting charge on the cables GND terminal.

These units are recommended as a drop-in replacement for standard Ubiquiti PoE injectors in environments where Ubiquiti PoE failure (extremely common) will result in impact to business or critical systems. These hardened, industrial grade PoE injectors are strongly recommended for all harsh environment, and remote/regional links.

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage: 90 to 264VAC
Input Frequency: 47-63Hz
Input Current: 1A @ 120VAC 0.5A @ 230VAC
Output voltage and current: +56V 1.79A
Max load: 1.79A
Power: 100W maximum
Min load: 0.01A
Load regular percentage: 5%
Line regular percentage: 1%
Ripple percentage: 1%
Noise percentage: 2%
Total power: 100W
Ripple and noise bandwidth: from DC to 20MHz
Terminated with 47uF capacitor and 0.1uf MPE capacitor of proper polarity
Efficiency: 85% min at all input voltages
Over Voltage Protection: 59-65V
Over Current Limits: 150-200% @90V ~ 240VAC
Short-circuit protected output
Short GND terminal to prevent damage to power supply
Input fuse protection
Current limit: 120 to 160%

Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

Construction: ABS Plastic
Operating temperature: -25 to 50° Celsius
Storage temperature: -40 to 85° Celsius
Operating humidity: 5 to 90%
Cooling: Free air
Dimension: 140 x 150 x 40mm (L x W x H)
Standards: EN60950-1, FCC Class B, EN55022 Class B

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Price: $339.00