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Client/External Resources

This page contains links to a number of documents targeted towards clients; to provide helpful information including guides, Telco's position in relation to interacting with our customers, various legal documents, installation advice and the ability to leave feedback.

Customer Relations

Contract Documents

Trade Partners & Reseller Enquiries

Through our partnership programs Telco offers opportunities for Installers and Integrators to access exclusive resources such as software tools, guides, knowledge from experienced technicians as well as attractive pricing incentives. For more information and to apply for a partnership program our Webform Can Be Found Here.

Client Feedback

Your feedback is valuable to Telco. We use this information to make improvements to our services, and investigate any issues of concern. Feedback can be compliments, complaints and suggestions:
Compliments are praise or congratulations about any aspect of our services, performance or how we do business.
Complaints are an expression of dissatisfaction/unmet expectations about an aspect of our service or way we conduct our business.
Suggestions are ideas on how we could improve our services or do our business differently.

All feedback is valued. If we get things wrong, we need to address and evaluate such instances to resolve these matters promptly. Similarly, we should recognise when we are complimented on our service and performance. Telco encourages any client who wishes to provide feedback and to help facilitate this has a simple feedback webform (accessed via clicking any of the links in above paragraph).

Installation Guides

Some of these documents are large files and may take some time to open depending on your internet speed.