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Custom Fibre Cable - Reels


Custom Fibre Cable - Reels
- Loose tube cable
- Indoor/outdoor distribution cable
- Indoor/outdoor fanout (breakout) cable
- Military tactical cable
- Specialty cables

Telco supply a wide range of fibre cable for all manner of applications, below are listed some of the typical cable types.

Loose Tube Cable:

  • Standard Loose Tube Cable
  • Armoured GRP Loose Tube Cable
  • Armoured CST Loose Tube Cable
  • Composite Loose Tube Cable
  • Sacrificial Sheath Loose Tube Cable
  • Aerial ADSS Loose Tube Cable
  • Low Smoke (LSZH) Loose Tube Cable
  • High Strength Loose Tube Cable

  • Indoor/Outdoor Distribution Cable:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Distribution Cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor Armoured Distribution Cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor Interlocked Armoured Distribution Cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor Subgroup Distribution Cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor Composite Distribution Cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor OptiReel Cables

  • Indoor/Outdoor Fanout (Breakout) Cable:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Breakout Cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor Armoured Breakout Cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor Interlocked Armoured Breakout Cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor Composite Breakout Cable

  • Military Tactical Cable:

  • Military Tactical Distribution Cable
  • Military Tactical Breakout Cable

  • Specialty Cables:

  • Mining Cables
  • Shipboard Cables
  • HDTV Camera Cables
  • Aerial ADSS and Figure 8 Messenger Cables

  • These cables are supplied in reel quantities only. If requiring optical fibre cable for a large project please contact Telco regarding your specific requirements and pricing options.

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