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High Strength Loose Tube Cable (Per Metre) - 48 Fibres, Singlemode Zero Water Peak (ZWP)

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This cable is discounted due to being oversupply from various projects.

High Strength Loose Tube Cable (Per Metre) - 48 Fibres, Singlemode, ZWP
- Long haul applications
- Underground in conduits or direct buried
- Infrastructure (roads, bridges, power authorities)
- Underground mines or mining camps

Extremely rugged cable build to survive in harsh conditions. 48 optical fibres contained in jelly filled loose tubes (12f/t) laid up around a central non-metallic strength member, "Dry-Block" water blocking, taped, polyethylene sheathed and nylon (insect resistant) jacketed and sacrificial jacketed.

This cable is a "dry" water blocked non-metallic high strength stranded loose tube cable designed for long haul applications, typically used by Telecommunications Carriers in applications with rocky soil and suitable for duct and direct burial applications by either trenching or direct ploughing.

Cable Specifications

Fibre Count: 48
Fibre Type: Singlemode ZWP
Jacket Colour: Blue
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
Diameter: 15mm
Mass: 180kg/km
Maximum Pulling Tension: 6.0kN
Minimum Bend Radius (Full Load): 20 x ODmm
Minimum Bend Radius (No Load): 10 x ODmm
Maximum Crush Resistance: 6.0kN/100mm
Impact: 1.5kg/1.0m

Price: $3.75