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Indoor/Outdoor Distribution Cable (Per Metre) - 6 Fibres, Multimode OM3, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)


Indoor/Outdoor Distribution Cable (Per Metre) - 6 Fibres, Multimode OM3, LSZH
- Horizontal indoor
- Vertical (riser) indoor
- Outdoor in conduit
- Where splicing is not possible or permitted
- Installations with tight radius cable install requirements

This indoor/outdoor distribution cable (riser style cable) is lightweight, has a low bending radius and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Sporting 6 multimode OM3 fibres the cable design incorporating tight-buffered fibres offer quick and easy cable and fibre preparation and the ability to directly terminate the fibres.

Key features of this cable include:

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Small bending radius and flexible for ease of installation, especially in confined spaces
  • Wide operating temperature to suit a range of outdoor applications
  • Fibres can be directly terminated, no need for fan-out kits or splicing thereby reducing losses
  • Cable Specifications

    Fibre Count: 6
    Fibre Type: 50um Multimode OM3
    Jacket Colour: Aqua
    Operating Temperature: -10°C to +70°C
    Diameter: 6.2mm
    Mass: 33kg/km
    Tensile Load: 600n
    Crush Resistance: 500n/10cm
    Minimum Bend Radius (Full Load): 124mm
    Minimum Bend Radius (No Load): 93mm

    Fibre Specifications

    Typical Core diameter (um): 50.0 +/-2.5
    Max Core-Clad Conc Error (um): 1
    Cladding Diameter (um): 125 +/-1
    Fibre Coating Diameter (Coloured) (um): 250 +/-10
    Min G-Ethernet Transmission Distance At 850/1300nm (m): 1000/600
    Min 10G-Ethernet Transmission Distance At 850/1310um (m): 300/300
    Attenuation 850nm (dB/km): 3.0
    Attenuation 1300nm (dB/km): 1.0
    Min Overfilled Bandwidth 850nm ( 1500
    Min Overfilled Bandwidth 1300nm ( 500
    Numerical Aperture: 0.20 +/- 0.015

    Price: $4.05