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Non-Metallic Armoured Loose Tube Cable (Per Metre) - 12 Fibres, Singlemode

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Non-Metallic Armoured Loose Tube Cable (Per Metre) - 12 Fibres, Singlemode
- Long haul applications
- Underground in conduits or direct buried
- Infrastructure (roads, bridges, power authorities)
- Underground mines or mining camps

This cable is designed for long haul applications in environments that demand a very strong cable resistant to damage. 12 optical fibres contained in jelly filled loose tubes (12f/tube) laid up around a central non-metallic strength member, water blocked, sheathed and nylon jacketed, glass composite armoured, and polyethylene sheathed.

Non-metallic, this cable is of a design typically used by telecommunications carrier, but with an additional layer of glass composite armour and sacrificial sheath to provide a significantly increased tensile strength and general robustness as well as rodent resistance. A "dry" water blocked loose tube cable, designed for long haul applications and suitable for duct and direct burial applications by either trenching or direct ploughing.

Cable Specifications

Fibre Count: 12
Fibre Type: Singlemode
Jacket Colour: Blue
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
Diameter: 16mm
Mass: 180kg/km
Maximum Pulling Tension: 5.0kN
Minimum Bend Radius (Full Load): 30 x ODmm (480mm)
Minimum Bend Radius (No Load): 15 x ODmm (240mm)
Maximum Crush Resistance: 2.5kN/100mm
Impact: 1.5kg/1.0m

Price: $4.10