50 Metre Reel RG316 Low Loss 50 Ohm Cable - Buy bulk and save - RG316/U cabling - Very high quality patching cable. rg316 coaxial cable cutaway specifications RG316 is a low loss, FEP jacketed miniature coaxial cable capable of withstanding operating temperatures up to 200°C. The cable's stranded silver-coated CCS inner conductor and silver-plated copper braid provide superior shielding and low attenuation losses, making it by far the preferred accessory/patch cable over similar 2.5mm cables such as RG174.
Electrical Specifications
Resistance: 50Ω Capacitance: 96pF/m Signal Loss: 0.79dB/m @ 850MHz, 1.27dB/m @ 2100MHz Frequency Range: 0-3GHz Maximum Recommended Length: 50cm (cellular bands) Velocity of Propagation: 70% Nominal Delay: 5.08ns/m Voltage Withstand: 1200Volts DC
Mechanical Specifications
Weight/100m: 1.8kg Minimum Bend Radius: 13mm Conductor Material: Silver coated CCS (0.51mm) Insulating Material: Teflon PTFE (1.52mm) Outer Shield Material: Silver coated copper braid 95% Coverage (1.95mm) Outer Jacket Material: Brown FEP (2.5mm)
tick rohs compliant lead free


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