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Staff Resources

This page is designed to be used by staff as a quick reference and is not to be considered comprehensive or exhaustive. Before utilizing any resource on this page or located elsewhere refer to Telco's internal document register and eDRMS to ensure that it is the latest revision/edition and that it has not been superseded or replaced entirely.

The following documents have been drafted for Brisbane Head Office, it is the responsibility of the individual Branch Managers to ensure that the Regional Offices substitute these documents with their equivalent where necessary. Note: each state and territory within Australia has there own legislation that affects the way we conduct our business.

Resources on this page must be used within the context of the Legislative Framework shown on the right of this page. If staff require clarification, assistance to interpret or have suggestions for improvement they are encouraged to contact the Administration Department.

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Australian/New Zealand Standards

There are approximately 7,000 Australian Standards that have been established and recognized by the Commonwealth of Australia. Through a Memorandum of Understanding these have been ratified as aligning with the benchmarks set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC).

The managers of each department are responsible for ensuring that a latest copy of all relevant AS & AS-NZ Standards are accessible to all staff in their charge and that these standards are being met/exceeded at all times.