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Telstra Next-G & 4GX Indoor Coverage - Repeater Kit for Hilly Areas

cel-fi pro smart repeater 3G 4G antenna kit

Complete Antenna, Cabling & Indoor Repeater Kit for Telstra 3G & 4G

  • Full service for up to 20 Telstra mobile phones or modems
  • Boost Telstra coverage for any mobile phone wirelessly
  • Suitable for Telstra, Boost, and Aldi Mobile networks
  • Australia's only legal mobile phone repeater system
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

The Mobile Smart Antenna Pro for Telstra is a convenient solution to poor indoor Next-G phone coverage. Installing this device in your home can improve the reliability of phone calls, text messages, and increase 3G/4G/4GX mobile broadband service.

Each Smart Repeater typically creates a 20-40m radius coverage area in normal home or office environments, with up to an impressive 100m radius in open areas such as supermarkets or farms as reported by our customers. Like all wireless systems coverage area is reduced by the signal having to travel through thick walls or floors so actual coverage area will vary depending on your unique situation.

This is a complete multiband repeater system. The wideband 700-3000MHz LPDA antenna is ideal for areas with hills or dense vegetation causing low signal, and is connected to the repeater via 10m of LCU400 cable and an SMA patch lead for connecting to the repeater. The super low loss LCU400 cable helps compensate for the lower antenna gain by ensuring maximum signal transfer. We also provide similar kits for suburban and metro areas suffering from poor coverage indoors despite good signal outdoors, and kits with an upgraded 14dBi antenna for rural areas.

Performance on 4G/4GX Internet

It's important to note that this repeater unit is designed to provide full 3G and 4G services to mobile devices. To provide the best possible and fastest Internet connection a proper MIMO external antenna should be connected into a dedicated 3G/4G modem. Typical speeds through the repeater unit are around 25-30% of a dedicated modem.

telstra smart antenna repeater installed in house

Why is it legal?
Many mobile service providers have not supported the use of personal repeaters on their network. This is due to the interference they can cause when connected to the network, or when they are setup incorrectly. The Cel-Fi system is the only personal repeater that has been widely approved by carriers in Australia.

The Smart Repeater Pro system is very different to a standard repeater, as it was designed to provide maximum coverage, be network friendly and can be easily installed by the end user.

It does this in several ways by:
- continuously monitoring power levels of the cell tower it is connected to and constantly adjusting its output power to suit.
- only amplifying and disbursing a particular carrier’s mobile signal, operating within a set frequency band.
- giving the service provider the ability to shut down the repeater remotely if needed, using a signal from the base station.
- not interfering with the carrier’s network or other users on the network.
- having a unique installation process to eliminate feedback into the mobile network.

Please read before considering: Terms and Conditions.
We apply to Telstra on your behalf to have this product registered to your address and used on Telstra's Network. Sometimes there maybe a slight delay in this process, please allow 2 to 3 days extra.

Price: $1,495.00

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