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Telstra Tough 3 Mobile Phone - Blue Tick, Next-G, & External Antenna Port

Telstra Tough 3 for sale online
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Brand New Telstra Tough 3 T55 Mobile Phone
- Unlocked - works with any network
- Waterproof
- Blue tick
- Telstra Next-G network (99% population coverage)
- Direct connection external antenna port (MS-147 connector)
- 3Mpx camera, Micro-SD card slot expandable to 32GB
- 400hrs standby time, 480mins talk time

The Telstra Tough 3 is a ruggedised phone with a daylight viewable display, and waterproof to 1m with IP67 rating*. Includes FM radio, stereo Bluetooth, 3MP camera and so much more.

rf port telstra tough 3 antenna

Telstra Tough 3 External Antenna

Firstly, you'll need a patch lead for the T55, you can find this here. This phone operates on the Telstra Next-G network (850MHz). Here are some popular external antennas for the Telstra T55 Tough 3.
For the house: 14dBi Roof Mounted Yagi Antenna
For the car: RFI 7.5dBi Bullbar Antenna
For the boat: ZCG 8.1dBi Marine Antenna
Blue Tick recommended for remote rural and regional areas

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Price: $249.00

Unlocking allows you to use this device on any carrier's network (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone..)