Optus & Telstra Mobile Smart Repeater Patch Lead - Highest quality & best fitting connector on the market - 15cm of RG316 cable - Nickel plated FME connector, gold SMA connector.

Why use an external antenna?

Next time you're out-and-about look around you - every day thousands of Australians use external antennas to enjoy fast, uninterrupted wireless broadband internet. If you're in a rural, hilly, low signal area, or you can't get a good signal indoors there's no need to tear your hair out over slow mobile broadband crashing or dropping out half way - an external antenna is often all you need.

External Antenna for Telstra/Optus Mobile Smart Antenna

The Cel-Fi RS2 has a small gold SMA Female connector on the underside of the repeater's window unit. You'll need a SMA Male to FME Male patch lead to screw on to this connector and allow attaching a larger antenna. Inline SMA to FME adapters are often not suitable as the smart repeater's window unit does not have enough room underneath. Likewise, large cables such as LMR400 will not fit underneath and will also require the patch lead.

What is the best antenna for the Smart Repeater?

The best external antenna for your Cel-Fi Mobile Smart Repeater will depend on how many cell towers are in your area and how far they are away. We've pre-built some antenna kits for metro, rural/regional, and remote areas that contain all required equipment (patch lead, cable, external antenna, brackets and smart repeater). You can find them here. sma to fme patch cable lead
SMA male connector FME male coaxial connector
Male SMA Connector
Male FME Connector
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