Mobile Communication Trailers

Trailer-mounted pneumatic or winch lifted telescopic masts

Towers mounted to trailers provide a dynamic communication solution.

Once the exclusive territory of military, emergency and aid relief services, it's now common to see trailer mounted communication towers utilised in a wide variety of industries.

In particular the mining industry has embraced this communication solution, and comm trailers feature prominently on almost all remote mine site.

By far the most common design of trailer tower is the telescopic, whether it be manual, air, hydraulic, spindle - gear or winch driven.

By their very nature, vehicles move - so it's necessary that tall mast systems retract to allow for unhindered movement.

Many trailer towers are designed to be left in one position for prolonged periods and these are designed for minimal maintenance while ensuring performance is not affected.

As with other towers, additional guy wires can be used to provide stability in high winds.