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Optus mobile phone, mobile broadband, and Optus 4G coverage maps apply to all Optus resellers, including: Amaysim, ClubTelco, Dodo, Exetel, iiNet, Internode, Live Connected, ONEmobile, People Telecom, Primus, Savvytel, TPG, Virgin Mobile.


Optus vs Telstra Coverage

The Telstra network is one of the world's largest networks, and covers over twice the geographical area of any other Australian network.

Operating on a much lower frequency (850MHz) means that radio frequencies transmitted on the Next-G network travel much further than other networks - the same principle that allows you to receive AM radio almost anywhere, unlike FM radio which fades out as you travel out of town. Optus is rapidly expanding it's 900MHz network frequency to take advantage of this principle, although currently with far less cell towers, Telstra tends to be the better choice when it comes to area covered. When it comes to 4G, both networks operate on the 1800MHz band, resulting in the same range and distance. As of late 2012 Telstra still has twice the footprint than Optus 4G, but the race is most certainly heating up. This map will display Optus mobile phone and wireless broadband coverage in different areas and expected performance when using an external antenna. The Optus network covers 97% of Australia's population with mobile phone services and mobile broadband with speeds up to 7.2Mbps (21Mbps in select areas only) on the Optus 3G network. Optus 4G is being rolled out on 1800MHz and 2300MHz bands after the acquisition of Vivid Wireless in 2012. Currently Optus 4G provides speeds up to 50Mbps. It's important to determine whether you are covered by the new 900MHz 3G network or older 2100MHz network when determining what antenna is right for your Optus service. Toggle between "3G Dual Band" and "3G Single Band" to find out which frequency band services your area - if you are not covered by 3G Single Band your area is 900MHz only. http://www.optus.com.au/network/mobile/coverage

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