Solar Panel Calculator

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  Calculation Type Value


Estimated Watt demand


3 Total Watts Per Hour (DC)
DC Amps x System Voltage


Hours per day


6 Hours Equip is expected to run (24hr)
as per application
Hrs d-1


Watt-Hours per day


9 Total daily usage
Watts x Hours
216.00 Watt-Hrs d-1


Amp-hour calculation


10 Total watts
Daily requirements
216.00 Watt-Hrs d-1
11 Corrected for battery losses
Assumes static average loss
220.320 Watt-Hrs d-1
12 System voltage
DC voltage only
13 Amp-hours per day
Watts divided by Volts
9.180 Amp-Hrs d-1


Battery bank calculation


14  Days backup power required
Average 24 hour periods
15 Amp-hour storage
Raw capacity you need
16 Depth of discharge
Assumes 50%
0.5 fraction (enter decimal)
17 Required amp backup
Prevents excessive discharge
18 Battery Amp Rating (20 hr)
Battery Capacity in Amps
19 Actual # batteries wired in parallel
Raw number
20 Batteries wired in series
Relates to system voltage
21 Rounded number of Batteries
Always rounded up


Solar Panel Array calculation


22 Sun hours per day (Direct only)
Be realistic!
23 Worst-weather multiplier*
1.55 default
1.55 fraction
24 Total sun hours per day
Assumes average sun
25 Select panel size (Watt rating)
Watt hour rating
26 Nominal Panel Voltage
Approximate Solar output
16 Volts
27 Amps required from solar panels
Total daily consumption
9 Amps
28 Peak amperage of solar panel
Watts divided by Volts
29 Number of solar panels in parallel
Raw Number
30 Number of panels in series (12 V)
it is 1 for 12v, 2 for 24v, etc
31 Rounded number of solar panels
Always rounded up


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