Y2300SS-XL Stainless Right Angle Clamp Antenna Bracket

  • Suits large Yagi or sidemount dipole antennas
  • For masts 70-90mm in diameter
  • Heavy duty clamp
  • 90 degree mounting only.
Suitable for all large, heavy Yagi and sidemount dipole antennas with a boom 32 - 52mm in diameter. Mounting yagi antennas is a relatively straight forward exercise, clamp it on, screw the connectors together and walk away. Using the wrong clamp or not using a bracing kit can lead to failure of the antenna and costly network downtime. Using the wrong clamp can lead to a range of issues, the most simple of which is antenna misalignment due to a slipping clamp. In extreme cases, the boom of the antenna can break due to increased stresses induced by the constant antenna vibration on a localised point from an inappropriate clamp. Selecting the correct clamp will ensure your antenna maintains its position for many years to come.

Mechanical Specifications

Construction: All stainless steel components Boom Diameter: 32-50mm diameter Mast Diameter: 70-90mm diameter Mounting Orientation: Right-Angle 90 degree Weight: 2.0kg
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Shipping Weight 0.0450kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.150m