telstra 4G rooftop antenna 4GX panel

Telco are Asia-Pacific's most experienced 4G and 4GX antenna specialists and have been providing our clients with long range and high speed 4G connections in even the toughest of situations.

If your location is outside your network's 4G coverage zone there's no need to suffer slow speed and connection dropouts any longer. Even inside the official coverage zone, a 4G antenna will significantly increase both the peak speed and consistency of your current 4G connection.

4G Antennas - Urban Areas

If 4G is available outside or just down the street, or you just need to increase signal strength, generally nothing drastic is required. Poor 4G performance in suburban and built up areas tends to be caused by nearby buildings and obstructions (such as dense trees), or the building itself. Often signal strengths are markedly higher just above the roof and a simple antenna is enough to provide a significantly improved service. Our most common antenna for general suburban environments is our 3G+4G MIMO Panel Antenna. For sites with good signal outside, a simple antenna like the Telco XOMNI can be used.

Nearby Trees

Dense tree-lines and thick foliage causes significant problems for LTE networks - the many reflective and diffractive surfaces create a highly multipath environment by badly scattering radio waves. In such environments an antenna with a wide transmission/receiving angle is required to utilise the many different surfaces - and in this very common scenario a lower gain omnidirectional or panel antenna can outperform higher gain (highly directional) antennas due to their ability to capture radio waves from lots of different angles. If this sounds like your situation try using this 3G+4G MIMO Panel Antenna which maintains an impressive 60° beamwidth.


Terrain Depression

A very common situation faced is where your building sits in a small depression or behind a small hill. In these cases it's often more important to establish height over using a high gain antenna. Telco manufacture a range of roof masts, climbable roof towers, and communications towers to suit every possible application.

4G Antennas - Areas With No 4G Coverage

When connecting to 4G towers off in the distance, a combination of a high gain antenna and physical height is often required. The performance of all transmissions are limited by their environment - in order to connect to a distant tower the path must be as clear as possible, which means not only taking into account variations in terrain but also earth curvature itself. In many parts of Australia, connections over 50 km may suffer thermal fade whereby signal is present during cooler night time periods, but deteriorates as soon as the sun rises. Due to these challenges it is strongly recommended to have Desktop Survey conducted.

Long Range 700 MHz 4G

The new Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G+ networks operate on a much, much lower 700 MHz frequency meaning connections can be obtained at much greater distances and through bushland. Most medium range connections, up to 20-30km (depending on terrain), should be fine with an antenna like the Telco 3G+4G+4GX MIMO Panel Antenna, however long range connections may require a large antenna. The highest gain 700 MHz 4G antenna available is our 13-16 dBi 3G+4GX Panel Antenna, which has been used to achieve high speed 4GX connections over 70 km. Telstra 4G antenna installation grid parabolic MIMO explanation diagram