Heavy Duty Magnetic Suction Cup Base - 16mm diameter mounting hole - Suits all broomstick, whip, spring mount style mobile phone antennas and UHF aerials - 120mm diameter magnet mount - Perfect for house, office environment where a base is needed. Super Strong non-scratch PVC base with powerful magnet and suction cup for extra grip. The magnet is plastic coated with a rubber surround to avoid scratching paintwork when mounted. A tough low-profile matt-back design ensures it looks as good as it is tough. Guaranteed solid construction and quality. When using large heavy antennas, Telco Antennas does not recommend the use of this product whilst travelling on open roads at highway speeds.
 Super Sucker Magnetic Whip Antenna Mount  super sucker with RFI antenna attached
All you'll need for installation is a metal surface, spanner, and a phillips head screw driver. Top of the mount unscrews to allow coaxial cable thread down and out through the cable guard, the nut secures your whip antenna in place, the top goes back on and installation is complete!


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