Vehicle Brackets

We stock a wide range of brackets and mounts for all types of vehicles and mounting positions.

<img alt="zcg vehicle aerial car truck ute antenna rfi" class="image image-_original " height="400" data-cke-saved-src="/assets/imported/site/sites/default/files/images/ZCG-Scalar-elevated-feed-477MHz-UHF-CB-radio-antenna-ZN4-77-06-aerial.jpg" src="/assets/imported/site/sites/default/files/images/ZCG-Scalar-elevated-feed-477MHz-UHF-CB-radio-antenna-ZN4-77-06-aerial.jpg" title=" style=" border-radius:4px;"="" width="400">

Most brackets you'll find here have a hole suitable for the 13mm stud found on most mobile phone and UHF vehicle aerials. Be aware some of the very large antennas (such as the CDQ2199 and CDQ8000) have a 16mm mounting stud and will require a special bracket or adapter.

Can't find what you need?

We have more brackets in our Brackets & Hardware section.