Coaxial Cables, Reels & Accessories

Low Loss Cable - LCU195

This cable type is more advanced than standard grade RG58 cables, necessary for higher frequency communications such as cellular and wireless applications due to its lower attenuation and higher shielding. Telco manufactures high quality LCU195 assemblies in both off the shelf variants and custom to suit individual applications. All cables are swept with full test reports available on request.

Diameter: 5mm
Frequency Range: DC-6GHz
Signal loss: 0.32dB/m @ 850MHz, 0.53dB/m @ 1800MHz (typical, terminated assembly)

Super Low Loss Cable - LCU400

When it comes to high frequency networks, such as 3G, 4G, WiFi and microwave band communications, cable loss becomes a big factor affecting both signal quality and strength. L400 series cable such as our LCU400 have one quarter the loss of standard grade cables like RG58, and one third the loss of LCU195 series cable.

Diameter: 10.3mm
Frequency Range: DC-16GHz
Signal Loss: 0.145dB/m @ 850MHz, 0.229dB/m @ 1810MHz (typical, terminated assembly)

Half Inch Feeder - LDF4-50A Heliax

Long cable runs, such as communications towers or multi-storey buildings require a very low attenuation cable to ensure signal quality remains after installation. This type of cable is suitable for long runs on 3G and 4G bands, and also medium runs on higher 2.4 and 5.8GHz communications.

Diameter: 15.87mm
Frequency Range: DC-8.8GHz
Signal Loss: 0.067dB/m @ 850MHz, 0.09dB/m @ 1810MHz (typical, terminated assembly)

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