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Mobile Phone Cradles

Connect an external antenna to your smartphone with one of our high quality car kit cradles.

Inductive cradles can be used to increase the reception and range of your mobile phone even if it does not have an external antenna connector. Most smartphones today do not have an external antenna port, however a good quality cradle can provide a noticeable improvement in voice call quality and signal range.

How does a cradle work?

Mobile phone cradles contain a small patch antenna that sits as close as possible to your mobile phones internal antenna, and by the principle of electromagnetic induction 'induce' a signal on the phones antenna. Essentially connecting a cradle up to your antenna follows the same principle of connecting two antennas back-to-back, with the cradle collecting signal from your phone and sending it out your external antenna, and vice versa.

Where possible it's important to select a cradle that has been designed around your specific phone model - this allows a close matching between the phone's internal antenna, and the placement of the antenna within the cradle. If your phone does not have a matching cradle, a good quality universal cradle often has a very wide antenna to provide good performance to most phone models.