Vehicle Masts

Vehicles installed with masts provide an extremely dynamic communication solution and although able to be deployed anywhere they are used to great effect in regions that have damaged communication infrastructure. Once the exclusive territory of military, emergency and aid relief services it is now common to see masts on all manner of vehicles. Explorers and people who visit or live rurally often install their 4WD vehicles or caravans with masts in order to stay connected.

By far the most common design of vehicle antenna mast is the telescopic, whether manual, air, hydraulic, spindle, gear or winch driven. By the very nature of vehicles they are rarely stationary for long periods and it is therefore necessary to ensure that tall mast systems can retract to allow for unhindered movement.

Usually masts are installed to a vehicle with very little modification necessary however in the extreme, such as in some military roles, vehicles themselves are designed solely to lift masts up to heights of 40m plus and support huge headloads for large amounts of RF equipment. As with other towers additional guy wires can be used to provide additional stability in high winds.