Premade Outdoor Shielded Cat6 Cables

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Introducing WildCat Shielded Cables

Protect your network from electronic static discharge, reduce system noise, and improve long distance performance with Telco WildCat Category 6 F/UTP Ethernet cables. The Wildcat series has been developed specifically for outdoor microwave and point to point/multipoint networking in mind. Heavily shielded from EMI/ESD and sporting a thick outdoor jacket (7.4mm OD), the cable series is designed for installation in exposed and harsh environments, as well as electrically-noisy indoor environments.

Unlike Ubiquiti ToughCable and other non-compliant imported cables, Wildcat Outdoor Cat6 cables are fully ACMA S008:2010 compliant allowing them to be legally installed under your Open Cabling licence. This cable is the only compliant shielded Cat6 dual indoor + outdoor rated cable available in Australia.