Samsung Galaxy S3 Patch Lead i9300/ i9305. - Converts from phone connection to Antenna (FME) connector - High quality Samsung RF connector - 30cm high quality RG174 cable - Boost signal strength and coverage of your handset - Improve your mobile internet speed and reduce call dropouts. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a small gold RF connector which is can be accessed by taking off the back cover. This patch lead is used on a daily basis by staff (on Galaxy S2 model) to increase the speed and reliability of mobile broadband internet, and to extend coverage of the phone when travelling to remote regions of Australia. An external antenna produces an immediate increase in signal which results in faster mobile internet access, much longer usable range from a cell tower, improves voice quality and reduces call dropouts.

Samsung Galaxy S3 External Antenna

Check out how easy it is to dramatically improve indoor coverage on a Telstra Next-G Samsung Galaxy S3. In this demonstration we simply placed a CD1250T 5dBi ground independent antenna (doesn't need a metal surface) on the roof and connected it into a Galaxy S3 using a patch lead and pre-drilled back cover.

What does a patch lead do?

Most antenna cables terminate with a standard connection, most commonly a female 'FME' connector. To plug an antenna into your phone or wireless modem, you need a short cable that acts as a conversion from the FME connector to the device-specific connector that will plug into the antenna port on your device. The antenna port on the Samsung Galaxy S III was installed for testing purposes, but is fine to connect and use an external antenna. The use of cheap imported leads, and inserting the lead at an incorrect angle can damage the phones RF port by permanently activating the external antenna - please be very careful when inserting and be cautious of inexperienced sellers. It is also very important that the lead never be pulled sideways, or a force never be applied across the lead - all patch leads are extremely vulnerable to shearing force and can damage both the lead and the internal connector. samsung RF port patch lead cable

Where do I plug my patch lead in?

Some Samsung Galaxy S3 models have two removable external antenna ports denoted W1 and W2 as embossed into the plastic. W1 should be used in most circumstances for normal mobile phone calls and internet access. The Samsung Galaxy S3 engages MIMO in very strong 4G signal areas only, hence a second patch lead is only required when attempting to maximise 4G speed. The S3 has a 5MHz LTE bandwidth and cannot operate as fast as a normal 4G modem regardless of whether a patch lead and antenna are used. samsung galaxy s3 external antenna port location [collapse title="Network Operator/Carrier Test Cables" collapsed="collapsed"] For shorter higher quality SMA Samsung test cables please see the following links:


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