Patch Leads

FME Male Patch Lead

What is a patch lead?

Antenna cables tend to terminate with a standard connection, most commonly a female 'FME' connector. To plug an antenna into your mobile phone or wireless broadband modem, you will need a patch lead, a short cable that acts as a conversion from the FME connector to the device-specific connector that will plug into your device. Most common of these plugs in Australia for wireless broadband dongles are TS9 (Sierra Wireless, ZTE) and CRC9 (Huawei).

My phone doesn't have a port to plug in an external antenna, what can I do to improve reception?

You can still improve signal by using a cradle or passive patch lead. This type of patch lead has a small pad containing a coil of wire, instead of a device connector, and uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to allow incoming signal to 'jump' from the pad to the phones internal antenna.

You can read more about the different types of patch leads in our Guide to Patch Leads.