Four-Way RF Power Divider - N-Type - Splitter/Combiner function - 4x N Female output - Connect two devices to the one antenna simultaneously by splitting the antenna signal. This is a high quality low VSWR, low insertion loss RF power divider. When in weak signal strength areas it's important to use a high quality splitter to ensure efficiency losses are kept to a minimum, minimal electrical noise, and output isolation maximised. Poorly designed dividers can result in a signal power reduction far greater than 3dB, and signal code power reduced by significantly more.
The input signal is equally split into two output signals, each reduced by 3dB (ie halved) due to the 1:2 power division. A small signal loss of 0.5dB is incurred as no RF device can operate at 100% efficiency. When determining whether you can afford to split your signal you must consider that the signal will be halved between each device - is your signal strong enough? In very low signal areas it's often advisable to use two antennas instead of a splitter.
While it is possible to sum two input signals with no loss, this can only be accomplished if the input signals are identical in phase and amplitude. When two signals are completely out of phase (180 degrees) the signals will cancel completely, hence the statistical average for two unknown signals is a 3dB combination loss (ie reduced by half). Utilising microstrip structure technology, this splitter has exceptional in-band flatness, high isolation, very low insertion loss, excellent standing wave performance and is easy to install. Designed for cellular mobile communications and spread spectrum communications in indoor distribution system.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency: 700-2700MHz Insertion loss: <6.8dB Isolation: >20dB Nominal Impedance: 50Ω VSWR: <1.3:1 Phase Balance: ±4° Amplitude Balance: <0.3dB Max. Power: 20Watts Connectors: N Female

Mechanical Characteristics:

Construction: Sandblasted aluminium block, conductive oxide finish Operating temperature: -30 +70°C Relative humidity: 5~95% Dimensions: 109 x 100 x 20mm Weight: 325g
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Shipping Weight 0.0450kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.120m