FAKRA SMB Plug: C-Code, Beige (RAL 1001)
- Complete with housing, pin, body, ferrule and heatshrink.

The automotive industry has been revolutionized with the increased adoption of telematics in vehicles including GPS, Cellular, Bluetooth and Satellite Radio. No longer are satellite navigation systems and sophisticated in-vehicle entertainment confined solely to the luxury end of the market.

As telematic advancements become more reliable, available and inexpensive, vehicles are transforming into an intelligent platform for enabling mobile life. With these recent advancements in communications technology and increased consumer demand for a diverse array of on-board telematics services, RF communications systems have become integral components of today’s automobile, trucking, watercraft, motorcycle and off-road construction markets. To keep RF interconnection costs low, and to ensure high levels of electrical and mechanical performance for telematics applications, such as Global Positioning Satellite, Satellite Radio, Vehicular Internet Access, Remote vehicle diagnostics and Bluetooth, the worldwide automotive industries have standardized a high-performing, cost-effective RF connector based on the FAKRA standard.

Utilizing a modified metal SMB connector embedded within a plastic housing that can be designed with multiple color codes for easy identification, FAKRA connectors are designed to perform up to 6 GHz and meet the particular mechanical and environmental requirements of the automotive industry.

Technologies Supported

  • AM/FM Radio

  • Satellite Radio

  • GPS (Global Positioning System)

  • Cellular/PCS (Personal Communications Service)

  • Bluetooth

  • Wireless Remote

  • Vehicle Controls

  • WiFi

FAKRA Generation 1.0 & 2.0

fakra generation diagram

Generation 1.0: Utilizes a modified metal SMB connector embedded within a plastic housing unit for ease of identification and assembly. These plastic housings are designed with visually and mechanically coded and keyed tooling to eliminate assembly errors. Standard FAKRA connectors are designed to perform up to 6 GHz and meet the electrical, mechanical and environmental standards of the automotive industry. Generation 1.0 typically features five separate component parts.

Generation 2.0: Offers reduced installation costs for our customers via a pre-assembled housing unit. This pre-assembled housing eliminates two loose components and their associated assembly and handling costs. Due to this component reduction, Generation 2.0 features three separate components to install versus Generation 1.0’s five separate components.

fakra keying options
fakra colour coding diagram

Electrical Specifications

Impedance: 50Ω nominal

Frequency Range: DC - 6 GHz (optimized for DC - 4 GHz)


- DC - 2 GHz: <1.40

- 2 GHz - 4 GHz: <1.50

Insertion Loss: < 0.3 dB max from DC - 3 GHz

Insulation Resistance: 1000 M Ω min

Contact Resistance (Centre + Outer contact) < 40 mΩ

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage at sea level: > 800 VRMS (Interface only; may be cable limited)

Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

Durability (matings): 100 min

Plastic Housing - Engagement Force: < 40 N (Single FAKRA)

Plastic Housing - Disengagement Force: > 35 N (Single FAKRA)

Cable Retention Force: > 110 N

Coding: 14 mechanical and coloured codings

Interface: USCAR-18, DIN

Temperature Range (Operating): -40 / +100° C

Thermal Shock: MIL-STD-202, Method 107, Cond B (-55 / +125° C) or USCAR-2, para 5.6.1

Vibration: MIL-STD-202, Method 204, Cond B; (15g) or USCAR-2, para 5.4.6

Shock: MIL-STD-202, Method 213, Cond B (75g, 6 ms, 1/2 sine) or USCAR-2, para 5.4.6

Materials/Plating Specifications

Plastic Housing:

- Jacks: Nylon, PBT or PPE

- In-line plugs: Nylon or PBT

- PCB plugs: Nylon

Secondary Locking Clip: (if applicable) PBT

Center Contact:

- Jack: Beryllium Copper or Phosphor Bronze

- Plug: Brass or Phosphor Bronze

Body: Brass, Zinc Alloy

Retainer Ring (if applicable): Beryllium Copper

Ferrule: Copper Alloy

Insulator: TFE or TPX

Center Contact: Gold


- Cable types Nickel

- Solder types Nickel, Gold, Tin

Ferrule: Nickel

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Shipping Weight 0.0450kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.030m
Shipping Cubic 0.000075m3