Ubiquiti airMAX M2 Titanium Variable Beamwidth Sector Antenna

  • 15-17dBi variable gain
  • 60-120° variable beamwidth
  • Ideal for high noise sectored base station deployment
  • 2x2 MIMO 2.4GHz
  • Designed specifically for airMAX Rocket M2/M2 Titanium

AirMAX Sector Titanium is a Carrier Class 2x2 Dual Polarity MIMO Base Station Antenna that was designed to seamlessly integrate with Rocket M2 radios. Pair a Rocket M2 radio with an airMAX Sector reach to create a high powered 2.4GHz WiFi or PtMP base station. Providing adjustable beamwidth from 60 to 120 degrees combined with great isolation performance, the new titanium sectors provide additional scalability and noise immunity performance in hi-noise environments and co-location deployments.

UniFi Outdoor+ High Density Access Point

This sector antenna can be coupled with the UAP Outdoor+ in a 3-gang base station to provide a high performance, high capacity WiFi network. The Outdoor+ access point contains an active heterodyne filter to isolate the units channel from others ganged on the same mast, meaning 3 AP's can be positioned on channels 1, 6, and 11 with almost no co-channel interference. variable gain beamwidth diagram

Network Compatibility
AirMAX M2 2x2 MIMO (2400MHz)

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range: 2300-2600MHz Input Impedance: 50Ω VSWR: <1.5:1 Polarisation: Dual Linear (25dB isolation) Horisontal Beamwidth: 60-120° (variable) Vertical Beamwidth: variable Electrical Beamwidth: 4° Electrical Downtilt: 4° Radiation: Sector

Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

Cable: 2x RP-SMA jumper cables included Connector: 2x RP-SMA Female Wind Rating: 200km/hr Weight: 6.4kg Mounting: Pole mounting bracket included Dimensions: 773 x 372 x 120mm (L x W x H) EN 302 326 DN2

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Brand Ubiquiti
Shipping Weight 7.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.220m
Shipping Height 0.220m
Shipping Length 0.850m