Ubiquiti airMAX 2.4GHz (M2) 16dBi Sector Antenna


Key Features


  • Integrated Rocket mount

  • Ideal for sectored base station deployment

  • 2x2 MIMO 2.4GHz

  • Designed specifically for airMAX Rocket M2 and UniFi Outdoor+




  • AirMAX Sector is a Carrier Class 2x2 Dual Polarity MIMO Base Station Antenna that was designed to seamlessly integrate with Rocket M2 radios

  • Pair a Rocket M2 radio with an airMAX Sector reach to create a high powered 2.4GHz WiFi or PtMP base station, covering a 120 degree sector

  • 120 degree sectors are ideal for when deploying a conventional 2x or 3x sector airMAX node

  • Dividing your base station into 3 sectors can theoretically produce up to a 300% increase in capacity due to frequency-reuse

  • Higher capacity can be achieved by further subdivision into 4-6 sectors using even higher gain antennas

  • A common use of this antenna in a WiFi deployment is typically to provide a semi-directional base station where WiFi is required primarily in the bore-sight direction, but also permitting clients either side (and some distance behind) access to the network.


UniFi Outdoor+ High Density Access Point


  • This sector antenna can be coupled with the UAP Outdoor+ in a 3-gang base station to provide a high performance, high capacity WiFi network

  • The Outdoor+ access point contains an active heterodyne filter to isolate the units channel from others ganged on the same mast, meaning 3 APs can be positioned on channels 1, 6, and 11 with almost no co-channel interference. airmax TDMA and packet prioritisation

airMAX TDMA multi-user access scheme permitting up to 100 clients per airMAX antenna.


Specifications / Frequency


Network Compatibility
AirMAX M2 2x2 MIMO (2400MHz)


Electrical Specifications


  • Frequency Range: 2300-2700MHz

  • Input Impedance: 50Ω

  • VSWR: <1.5:1

  • Polarisation: Dual Linear (V & H)

  • Cross-Pol Isolation: >28dB

  • H-POL Beamwidth: 91° (6dB)

  • V-POL Beamwidth: 90° (6dB)

  • Vertical Beamwidth: 9°

  • Electrical Downtilt: 4°

  • Radiation: Sector


Mechanical/Environmental Specifications


  • Cable: 2x RP-SMA jumper cables included

  • Connector: 2x RP-SMA Female

  • Wind Rating: 200km/hr

  • Weight: 3.9kg

  • Mounting: Pole mounting bracket included

  • Dimensions: 700 x 145 x 79mm (L x W x H)

  • EN 302 326 DN2


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SKU AM-2G16-90
Brand Ubiquiti
Shipping Weight 4.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.170m
Shipping Height 0.170m
Shipping Length 0.910m
Shipping Cubic 0.026299000m3