300m LCU400 Super Low Loss Coaxial Cable Spool


  • LCU400 50Ω series cabling
  • dB-FLEX Stranded Copper Conductor
  • UV Stable rubberised TPFE Jacket


Introducing dB-FLEX

dB-FLEX is Telco's flagship subtype of LCU400 cabling, designed for maximum weather resistance and usability. LCU400 dB-FLEX sports a 7-strand bare copper centre conductor which permits repeated bending and much greater flexibility, allowing an incredibly tight bend radius - similar to Times Microwave's LMR-400 UltraFlex. Both dB-FLEX and UltraFlex cables achieve this by trading off for a marginally higher per-metre loss, up from 0.128dB/m to 0.145dB/m @ 850MHz.

dB-FLEX has a UV-stable TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) jacket designed for harsh outdoor environments while maintaining maximum flexibility and minimising plastic memory (for improved wall-cavity feeding).


Importance of LCU400 Cable

When it comes to high frequency networks, such as 3G, 4G, WiFi and microwave band communications, cable loss becomes a big factor affecting both signal quality and strength. L400 series cable such as Telco LCU400 have one quarter the loss of standard grade cables like RG58, and one third the loss of LCU195 series cable.

When used in cellular-band communications (700-2700MHz), LCU400 coaxial cable is suitable for lengths up to 30 metres. For lengths exceeding 30m please see Heliax LDF4-50A.

Full test reports are available upon request.


Electrical Specifications

Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

Resistance: 50Ω

Weight/100m: 12.8kg

Capacitance: 78.4pF/m

Minimum Bend Radius: 25.4mm

Frequency Range: DC-16GHz

Conductor Material: 7 Strand Bare Copper (2.74mm)

Signal Loss (typical, terminated cable):

  • 0.145dB/m @ 850MHz
  • 0.151dB/m @ 940MHz
  • 0.229dB/m @ 1810MHz
  • 0.259dB/m @ 2170MHz

Outer Shield Material:
(1) Sealed APA Tape 100% Coverage (7.37mm)
(2) Tinned Copper Braid 98% Coverage (8.17mm)

Velocity of Propagation: 85%

Insulating Material: Gas Injected Foamed Polyethylene (7.24mm)

Nominal Delay: 3.92ns/m

Outer Jacket Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Hone Finish (10.3mm)

Voltage Withstand: 2500Volts DC


Peak Power: 16kW




Please note emergency stock fulfilment may use standard LMR-400 cable. If you specifically require dB-FLEX cable please advise when placing order.


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Shipping Weight 36.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.550m
Shipping Height 0.320m
Shipping Length 0.550m
Shipping Cubic 0.096800m3