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Telco specialise in engineering high quality, high speed 3G and 4G wireless broadband systems. From air interfaces to IP networks, the Telco team design and produce a diverse range of customised solutions including high speed metro 4G, mesh/ distributed wireless, last mile 3G and increased cellular voice to even the most remote sites.

Available Nationwide

With nationwide servicing, and a network of residential and commercial installers spanning all states and territories, we provide reliable mobile and Internet services to tens of thousands of sites across the country.

Available Nationwide

Our Services

tickNationwide Installation
& Contracting
tickWireless & RF Hardware
tickDesktop Surveys &
Field Studies
tickMicrowave Link
tickCustom Antenna Design
& Manufacturing
tickElectrical & Data
tickTower Erection & Structural
Engineering Services

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Some of our Clients

Telco provides wireless products and engineering services to most major companies in Australia
and a growing number of international clients.