7/16 DIN Male to 7/16 DIN Male Adaptor


7/16 DIN Plug to 7/16 DIN Plug Adaptor

7/16 DIN Pin to 7/16 DIN Pin Adaptor


What is an adaptor?


A coaxial adaptor can be either inter-series or intra-series.


  • An inter-series (also known as between-series) adaptor is used to convert one type of connector into a different series connector.

  • An intra-series (also known as within-series) adaptor is used to connect two devices or cables of the same series, cable joiners and bulkheads are the most common type of intra-series adaptors.


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Electrical Specifications

Resistance: 50Ω
Frequency Range: DC-7.5GHz
Working Voltage: 2700V RMS
Withstand Voltage: 4000V RMS
Average Power: 3kW max
VSWR: <1.2:1/6GHz
Mechanical/Environmental Specifications

Durability: >500 cycles
Body Material: Brass
Plating Material: CuSnZn3
Pin/Socket Contact: Tin Bronze/Beryllium-Copper
Pin/Socket Plating: Gold/Gold
Insulator: PTFE
Operating Temperature: -55° to 155° C
CECC 22190 (7/16 DIN)
IEC-60169-4 (7/16 DIN)
DIN 47223 (7/16 DIN)


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