Cambium ePMP 1000 - GPS Sync 5GHz Access Point


Key Features

  • 2X2 MIMO support with peak throughput of 600 Mbps
  • 256QAM-5/6, 80 MHz support 
  • Supports a wide frequency range: 4910 to 5950 MHz 
  • Frequency re-use with GPS sync and interference mitigation 
  • Supports up to 64 subscriber modules 
  • Connectorized for use with Cambium Networks 90/120 degree sector antenna.
  • Also compatible with RF Elements Twistport(tm) Adaptor for ePMP 
  • Cloud or on-premises network management with cnMaestro


MicroPOP Applications: ePMP 3000L is ideally suited for areas with low density or small numbers of subscribers. With support for narrow-band sectors and omnis, coverage can be added exactly where needed.

Frequency Reuse: Supports GPS synchronization and SM Transmit power control to allow for frequency re-use.

Unmatched Performance and Scalability: With the efficient Cambium Networks MAC protocol and advanced air-fairness scheduler the ePMP 3000L supports high performance and low consistent latency to subscribers.


The ePMP 3000L is the third generation access point (AP) that carries on the interference tolerance mechanisms with an emphasis on high-performance in low-density point to multipoint sectors. 
The ePMP 3000L is a 2X2 MIMO connectorized access point that can support a wide variety of deployments including 90/120 degree sectors, narrow-sector horns or even 360 degree omni coverage. 
In addition, the ePMP 3000L continues interference mitigation techniques with support of TDD synchronization using GPS and the robust software from the ePMP product line.
The ePMP 3000L AP system consists of the ePMP 3000L AP, an optional 2X2 sector antenna and a wide variety of subscriber modules with varying form factors and link budgets.
The ePMP 3000L system boasts high packet per second performance, peak throughput of 600 Mbps and supports subscriber modules with up to 600Mbps of peak throughput.


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