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Patch Lead for Telstra Dave T83

telstra dave external antenna patch lead
SKU: MS147-FMEM-174

Telstra Dave 4G (ZTE T83) Patch Lead
- Converts from phone connection (MS147) to Antenna (FME) connector
- High quality connector
- 30cm high quality RG174 cable
- Boost Dave's signal strength and coverage.

What does a Patch Lead Do?

Most antenna cables terminate with a standard connection, most commonly a female 'FME' connector. To plug an antenna into your phone or wireless modem, you need a short cable that acts as a conversion from the FME connector to the device-specific connector that will plug into the antenna port on your device.

Telstra Dave External Antenna

This phone operates on both the Telstra Next-G (850MHz) and Telstra 4G (1800MHz) networks. For improving voice, text and data coverage in rural areas Dave-o recommends the following antennas.
For the house: 14dBi Roof Mounted Yagi Antenna
For the car: RFI 7.5dBi Bullbar Antenna
For the boat: ZCG 8.1dBi Marine Antenna

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Price: $20.46