Victron Cerbo GX Controller

Including Capacitor For 48v Systems (8-70VDC)

The Cerbo GX is the newest addition to the GX family of monitoring and control interfaces. It includes all core functionality offered by it's CCGX and Venus GX predecessors and adds even more.

Use the Cerbo GX to integrate systems with component devices equipped with any Victron communications platform: VE.Bus (Multi & Quattro inverter/chargers) VE.Direct (SmartSolar & BlueSolar MPPTs, Phoenix inverters & chargers) VE.CAN (some SmartSolar MPPTs and 3rd party BMS batteries such as BYD) Bluetooth (all 'Smart' Victron devices).

Like all the GX family, the Cerbo also offers internet connectivity via both a LAN port and Wi-Fi for seamless access via the VRM online monitoring portal. The Cerbo itself is screen-less and may be mounted in a variety of locations. The addition of the Touch 50 display screen offers users a touch screen interface that may be mounted independently from the Cerbo itself.

Specification Sheet