Concorde SunXtender 38Ah 12V Deep Cycle Solar Battery


Key Features


  • 20% faster recharge than a conventional vented battery and gel cells

  • 100% maintenance free

  • No water required

  • Tested to stringent military shock and vibration standards

  • Minimal gas release under normal charging conditions.




  • Use the Concorde SunXtender range for renewable energy applications - with long life, deep cycle, low internal resistance, superior charge acceptance, high energy density and versatile installation

  • Supplying the solar and wind industry for nearly 20 years, Concorde products provide excellent performance and reliability.



  • SunXtender batteries use Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery technology, where the electrolyte remains liquid and is absorbed (suspended) in a micro fibrous glass mat

  • Some batteries use a gel, which is a highly viscous (semi-solid) silica gel/electrolyte mixture - SunXtender batteries outperform gel batteries by reducing electrolyte viscosity resulting in faster gas recombination and reduced recharge time

  • The tightly packed plate construction provides a very high degree of shock and vibration resistance, making the product ideal for mobile applications.