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Mast Heads

Mast Heads

Although the design of some towers allows antennas to be attached directly to the structure itself often, in the case of monopoles for example, or when there is a large amount of RF equipment being mounted such as with arrays or sectors for cell network, a custom fabricated mast head is required.

Heads provide functionality to a mast or tower by extending it to make space for separate banks of antennas mounted above one another, brackets to meet specialised equipment requirements, stand-off bars to minimise the amount of signal interference that can occur with antennas in close proximity to each other.

Financially, often the cheapest part of a tower infrastructure project the correct style of mast head can ensure the best RF performance possible and make installation of equipment a hassle free task.

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ImageNamePriceAdd to Cart
Heavy-Duty-Galvanised-Mast-Head-Y-Bracket-for-Omni-Antenna-ArrayHeavy Duty Galvanised Mast Head - Y Bracket for Omni Antenna Array$115.00
Telco-Antennas-Mast-Heads-T-Piece-For-Telescopic-Mast-1Alloy Mast Head - T Piece for Telescopic Mast$89.00
Telco-Antennas-Mast-Heads-H-Bracket-For-ArrayHeavy Duty Galvanised Mast Head - H Bracket for Antenna Array$129.00
Telco-Antennas-Mast-Heads-3-Sector-Cluster-Mount-1Heavy Duty Galvanised Mast Head - 3 Sector Cluster Mount$289.00
Heavy Duty Galvanised Mast Head - 4 Sector Cluster Mount$320.00
Heavy-Duty-Galvanised-Mast-Head-4-Sector-Cluster-Mount-To-Suit-Lowering-OctagonaHeavy Duty Galvanised Mast Head - 4 Sector Cluster Mount (To Suit Lowering Octagonal Mast)$349.00
Heavy-Duty-Galvanised-Mast-Head-4-Sector-Cluster-Mount-Pole-MountHeavy Duty Galvanised Mast Head - 4 Sector Telegraph Pole Mount$349.00
Alloy-Mast-Head-4-Sector-Custer-MountAlloy Mast Head - 4 Sector Custer Mount$359.00
Heavy-Duty-Galvanised-Free-Standing-Mast-with-Stand-Off-BarsHeavy Duty Galvanised Free Standing Mast with Stand Off Bars - Custom$498.00
Aluminium Mast Head 3 sectorAluminium Mast Head - 3 Sector Cluster Mount$242.00