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Accessoriescambium LPU lightning protection unit installed on pole

Cambium Accessories

This section contains genuine accessories supplied by Cambium Networks, such as Lightning Protection Units, upgrade licences, power injectors, and more.

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Cambium-PTP-650-AC-Power-InjectorCambium PTP 650 AC Power Injector$149.00
Cambium-PTP-650-AC-DC-Enhanced-Power-InjectorCambium PTP 650 AC+DC Enhanced Power Injector$550.00
Cambium-PTP-650LPU-Lighting-Protection-Unit-Grounding-KitCambium PTP 650LPU (Lighting Protection Unit) & Grounding Kit$599.00
Cambium ptp450i gigabit ethernet surge arrester lightning suppressorCambium PTP450i Gigabit Surge Supressor$79.00